This is our largest brand and covers styles for men, women and kids. Under this brand, we bring to market thermal underwear, luxury underwear and socks. In response to demand from our customers, in recent years, we have introduced styles from wider markets including casual clothing, nightwear, swimwear, flip flops and beach bags.


This is our specialist women’s luxury underwear brand.  We bring to market great looking and fitting styles which flatter and increase confidence.  We experiment with a wide variety of fabrics to deliver soft, supportive styles.  Furthermore, we offer the largest range of sizes.

Heart Union Jack

The heart Union Jack design was designed to give an instantly recognisable identity to celebrate our British manufacturing heritage. The British Union Jack flag identifies us as a British manufacturer. The ‘T’ at the centre of the flag represents ‘Thermals’. The gold crown is representative of our market leading position. The overall heart design conveys our dedication to British manufacturing, our passion for thermals underwear and represents our customers’ love for our thermals.

British Thermal

This is the trading name of our team which deals with end-user businesses and end-user consumers. We supply our market leading thermal underwear products, paired with first class service and efficient deliver to anywhere in the world. We cater for individual requirements of many high profile organisations and consumers.

RP Collections

This is a historic trademark which we have been using for many years. It was the original brand which was used on all of our products, but is now reserved for vintage styles within our range.

Thermal Flame Design

This design is printed on the packaging of our thermal underwear styles to identify our unique fully brushing process, which makes our thermals warmer, softer and more comfortable.